sharing an email I sent out…..

This is a copy of an email I sent to those that have expressed an interest in yoga and/or already have come to a class.  Kinda proud of it. 
Hope this finds everyone cool in the air conditioning.  Just a reminder that my classes at 4025yoga continue on Saturdays at 12:30.
A wonderful teacher, Petra, will sub for me on July 14 while I celebrate a very siginificant birthday!
I know it’s hard for everyone to get out in the heat.  If anyone has suggestions for a better time please let me know and I will see what the studio can accomodate.  Also remember that I now have a studio at home where about 4 yogis can join me for a class.  I have all the props we need to use at home now too!
I am having so much fun teaching a chair yoga class at a senior citizen apartment complex.   What a joy they are and they want to learn so much.  They started out being scared of yoga and almost afraid to come into the room, now they are anxious to get started and someone tells me every week how they can see chages. One lady tells me her shoulder doesn’t hurt when she reaches around to dye the back of her hair!! 😀  Check out my blog for some pictures of them.
I am learning a new style of yoga and I think it will help all of us who have needs for assitance.  One of my private students loves it because it is all on the floor and she can’t fall!!!  Look up Yin Yoga if you are interested.  I am reading all I can find, have done one workshop and have signed up for another on in the fall.
As you can see, yoga continues to excite me.  Please join me sometime, check out the pics on my blog and join me for a class.
The first step out the front door is the hardest one.

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