what a morning!

Pardon me while once again I use my blog for therapy.  So …..the morning starts off quietly.  Checking things of  the ever existing list.  Then the phone rings…

It’s a neighbor, someone has hit a cat in front of her house and she is asking if I know who the cat may belong to.  I do a quick inventory of my 3 (all present and accounted for) and head out the door.  I think I recognize the cat (we’re calling him Dude for now) to be that of another neighbor.

As the few that have gathered discuss what to do next, I grab a towel and another neighbor comes with a box.  The 2 of us take Dude to the emergency vet.  No waiting to talk about what to do…we have a hurt cat here…no discussion necessary.   We set a limit for expenses and proceed.

The good news is that Dude has no broken bones and seemed to be perking up a little when we left him.  The twist in the story is that if Dude belongs to the neighbors we think he does they are on vacation!  After some detective work involving other neighbors we know where the Mrs. works and leave a message there for her.  Hopefully they will be able to reach her.  But it looks like my girls may have a room mate for a couple of days.

I am needless to say a bit rattled, but now we just wait to see if we have correctly placed Dude’s owner, if not I guess we start ringing doorbells!

I have cancelled my afternoon appointment to wait for the phone to ring and to  simmer down some.  God Bless Dude. Here’s to his speedy recovery.


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