Dude update and why is it TOO hot for the pool!!?


Here’s a pic of our “foster cat” sitting up and eating out of a bowl!! This is new as of late yesterday.  Before I was feeding him from a spoon.  He is moving around a little more.  Mostly he scoots or rolls over to get where he wants to go.  My Husband found him a pan we can use for litter that has very low sides.  Early this a.m. I woke up and checked on him to find him asleep in the box. He had peed and I guess the energy it took to scoot a few inches and take care of business just wore him out.  I cleaned him up, fed him and moved him to a better spot.  God Bless Dude.  Again, please keep him in your prayers!

On to the weather.  Since when is it TOO hot for the pool?  Well…it’s 12:50 here and already 100*.  There is some relief forecast for later in the week.  Hopefully we will have a pleasnt evening for my birthday party on the 14th.  We thought we may go today but hubby is busy crossing things off the honey do list for the party and he says he’s not up for it.  It’s a good idea for me too. I would push myself to go but……ya’ll know the rest. 

Here’s a Gatha for today:

In this dish of pet food, I clearly see the presence of the entire universe supporting the existence of the animal.  I am grateful to have food to serve.  This feeding is a show of love and respect. Animals teach us all about unconditional love and gratitude.




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