so one project ends and another begins….

OK…so what I am going to speak about wasn’t a project…it was a labor of love. Dude went to be with his family yesterday. They had been on vacation and hadn’t seen the signs until recently. He has some kids waiting for him..the human kind…who the Dad says will be real happy to see him.  God Bless dude and blessings for your continued recovery.  Glad I was part of one of your lives for a short time.  We miss you already.

The next project is getting ready for my PARTY this weekend.  It seems the universe gives me one thing to concentrate on at a time.  Boy am I grateful it’s only one thing.  Not sure I could handle more.

Been feeling pretty good thru all of the business with having Dude (his real name is Louie) here and the emotion of having to let him go.  I was up a couple of nights to check on him but am not feeling too tired from it all.  No weird flare ups.  Just need to remember to pace myself thru the weekend so nothing creeps up on me.  If anyone has any tips on that it would be appreciated.  😀

Just found a gatha that really speaks to me.  I need to work on being able to settle down and rest.  The book opened to this:

Today’s Gatha

Wondering how to get rid of restlessness, I acknowledge the state of mind, name it, and give it space.  By shining the light of awareness on it,  I break th power of restlessness over me.





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