What a wonderful day and lessons learned…

This is the Lotus Temple in Yogaville.  It’s in Buckingham county, Virginia and yesterday was my second trip there.  Check it out at http://www.yogaville.org

What a wonderful day.  Browse the web site and learn about yogaville.  Some of my friends think I have “converted” or something when I mention spending time here.  Take some time…read…it’s a great place and so welcoming to everyone!!

The lessons I learned yesterday is that it’s OK to be at the end of a group walking together.  Take time..look at the plants, watch the wildlife, enjoy the butterflies or the beautiful insects.  It was a hot sunny day…I let it be OK that I couldn’t move as fast as others. It was OK that I didn’t feel like a hike, it was OK that I wanted to sit on the ground while everyone else stood.  I was able to enjoy so much more of this trip when I accepted these things.  I took my time and embraced the day!  Today I am not overly tired and I rested well last night.  I am even headed to some more time outdoors in a few minutes!

I am so thankful for my time there and the lovely friends that I shared it with.

Today is a catch up kind of day.  Will do some reading at the pool took care of some other stuff this morning.  Enjoy being home.  That’s what being away does for me, as much as I enjoy a trip and as much as I had a great time yesterday, it was equally as wonderful to have this home to return to and an understanding Husband that supports me through it all.  Who knew that at 50 you can keep growing and learning.

Today’s Gatha-

Ready to learn, I pose questions.  I pause and give myself time to find an answer.  Learning is a great source of happiness.  To make a contribution to the world, I continue to learn.







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