preparing for the trip of a lifetime

It is time to start planning for the trip to Florida for my son’s wedding!  Nine days from today we will be there and in eleven days I will be a Mother-in-Law! I know it’s all about the bride and groom but my title changes too.  Any advice on how to prepare for this?  I am thrilled for the “kids” and wish them only the best so that part is good.  Am I having a hard time with the title?  Not’s just different, a new phase in my life.

Spent the day yesterday with a friend and her two girls on a beach close by.  She told me something about myself I hadn’t realized.  She said that I am always positive.  The more I think about it the more I realize she’s kinda right.  I do believe there is no need to dwell on stuff that makes you unhappy.  What does that accomplish?  If something was bad, sad or whatever…it happened, learn and move on.  Isn’t that easier?  I need to remember what she said every day!

I got a diagnosis of this weird disease 20 years ago, it was/is scary…I can do what I can to manage it but I can’t change it so move on with life! Is life the same?  No- is it better?  I think so!!  It’s all in how we allow what happens in life to affect who we are.  My friend says I am a positive person.  So why not BE that positive person?  Does being any less change things?  NO!  So let’s go and have some fun with life!!

Today’s Gatha:

To acheive happiness, I must see that the one important time is now.  The present moment is all I have.  The happiness I seek will come from deep kindness and respect for all beings and all life.  I am aware of what is appropriate, skillful, timeley and true.





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