taking a day off……

OK…some of you will say EVERY day is a day off because I don’t work.  Well yes..I guess that is true.  Although my usual morning with my Seniors had to be cancelled because remodeling in the building has taken over all of the open spaces!  I did have a tentative plan with a friend today but I decided to hang out at home…get some simple chores done and start saving up some energy for the big trip next week.  I know you can’t save energy but I do know I can control that I don’t go into the week already tired.  It’s going to be stressful enough.  Taking some time before we go is a good idea.  It’s not even a good pool day so I really am staying home.

When I think of the time when I stopped working I remember that I was allowing myself one trip out per day.  Now I do lots more than that.  Today I realized that I am tired or stressed or uptight about the trip or something.  So I listened to myself and took a day off!  Did you ever call in sick to work when you weren’t really sick, you just needed a day?  OK…that’s me today.  Taking it easy.

Wonder if I can find a gatha about playing hooky?

Today’s Gatha:

I must stop, calm down. and rest to heal.  I cultivate receptivity and acceptance.  I work to create that right conditions for healing by acknowledging my anxiety, exploring it, then letting it go.




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