so what’s up today?

Taking it easy today.  Did get up and get my haircut this morning.  Didn’t feel so great early a.m.  That explains the taking it easy today.

Feel REAL good about something I did this weekend.  A newly diagnosed 20 something person reached out to me recently.  She has started copaxone and isn’t crazy about the daily shots.  I told her I was on Avonex and never had any side effects.  I offered to let her come see me give myself my shot and she did!  That was the first time I had ever done anything like that.  We talked for a long time about MS and other things.  How people will peceive you, letting them know you have MS and being prepared for all the questions and how people really don’t know about MS and how it is different in all of us!  I have a very good friend that says “if you have met one person with MS then you have met ONE person with MS!!”  It’s different for ALL of us!!  (I also told her some people think we have Muscular Dystrophy and watch “our” telethon every year!!)

OK…enough of guys all know what I mean, you’ve been through it!  I hope that my yoga classes and my talks with groups about yoga and how it helps will help in some small way spread the word about MS!!

Today’s Gatha

Knowing the power of a generous heart, I offer compliments, give accurate feedback, listen carefully.  I cannot lose by being generous.  If I have a greedy thought, I can replace it with a generous one.  Every day is filled with opportunities to be generous.




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