thoughts on sleeping

Had a great weekend, managed to check a few things off the ever existing list!  Today I slept a little late.  Sleeping still isn’t great for me.  I have good nights and not so good ones. After sleeping late today, I got up, got showered and dressed…even put some makeup on!  You feel so much better when you feel like you look nice right?! Thanks to a friend who last week said “you look so pretty…do you have makeup on?” I know I know… all women are beautiful make up or not, I had gotten lazy though and in the summer it’s easy because of the tan, but as the tan fades….you know what I mean.  I feel good today and plan out getting out in the world a little!!  😀

Speaking of sleeping, I am going to start paying attention to how I sleep and on the not so good nights what did I do during the day?  Do I sleep better after I have practiced yoga? What did I eat? How active was I on that day? A good night’s rest is so important I want to learn how I can help make it better.  The best way is to pay attention to each day and establish a good sleep routine.

Today is a quiet kind of day, some things to do around the house.  Yin Yoga tonight.  I didn’t go last Monday and I missed it!  If you haven’t tried Yin Yoga you must! It’s my favorite!! So relaxing.  Looking forward to a restful night after a yummy yin class.

Today’s Gatha:

As  I wake up, I welcome a new day, a mindful smile with each breath.  May live each moment with compassion and awareness.



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