things I am discovering about sleep!!

OK…so maybe many of you knew this but it’s interesting to me.  As much as I rest when I think I need to, it seems to impact my sleep at night.  It’s the days when I am not feeling so good, when I take it easy, that I don’t sleep at night.  The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy and I have loved it!  I also have noticed that  I am sleeping so much more soundly.  If I do have to get up in the night I am able to go right back to sleep.  So maybe if I push myself just a little during the day I will sleep better at night.

It is so easy to say…I have MS, it’s a bad MS day so I’ll take it easy.  Believe me I get it and have done that a lot!  Lately though I have given myself just that tiny extra nudge to push on and I am sleeping and feeling so much better!!  It’s like I said recently, when I get dressed, put some makeup on and move around in the world I feel better!!

Today was a another of those busy days and I am feeling great!  Like the T-shirt says….”I have MS but it doesn’t have me!”

Today’s Gatha:

I abandon sleepiness, dullness and laziness and always exert enthusiastic effort.




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