how crazy is this?

In a few minutes I am headed off to teach a chair yoga class at a “wellness fair” for a local employer.  How odd is that?  A girl with a chronic disease like Multiple Sclerosis speaking at a WELLNESS fair.  Who’d have ever thought it? So happy for the opportunity and for the all of the people in my life that see beyond the M.S. all the way through to a woman with a message!!

Granted some folks will say “it’s just a chair class.”  Those people have never participated in one.  It’s good exercise and you can really heat up.

Am I nervous? You bet!! Will I do a good job? You bet! Will I be tired when I am done?  Oh yeah!  Just goes to show that we can all do anything we set our minds to.  Yes I am still working on how much I can manage to do in one day.  Seems like a while ago I said one thing a day was enough.  Then lately I said busy days were better.  Turns out it changes all the time.  I read something recently that talked about getting rid of lists and waking up every day with an open mind and a plan to take on what comes along and what you CAN do! Maybe I’ll work on that.  What I CAN do not what I can’t!

Today I can go speak at a Wellness Fair and it’s about time to go!  Wish me luck!!

Today’s Gatha:

Resolving to practice moderation, I gently learn to let go of extremes.  Moderation is the only way to find true balance. and the best way to live fully and with mindful awareness.




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