OK..who said I could EVER be an early bird?!

miis is the other fabulous blog I posted that got lost in the never never land of the internet!

I am getting up early!  In time to tell my Husband goodbye with my eyes open.  What’s up with that?  I know THAT’S not M.S.  It’s happening though.  I am awake 8ish now, not 10:00.  Who would have ever thought.  It’s noon now and granted I’ve not showered but I’ve made phone calls, sent emails, paid bills and even been out of the house for a quick trip.  Who’d have ever thought?!

I guess I am sleeping better.  I know I am going to sleep and feel like I am staying asleep better.  I guess “they” are right when “they” say if you use a glass of wine to help you go to sleep it only lasts so long and you will wake up.  Cutting off all beverages  90 minuntes before bed combined with the fact that I am intentionally staying busier throughout the day must be working.  I know that I feel better.

Just wanted to put out a quick note before I forgot.  I haven’t healed the cognitive issues just yet but here’s hoping.

Oh yeah…if you want a good, funny and very direct first hand view of living with M.S.  grab a copy of Awkward Bitch, my life with MS by Marlo Donato Parmalee

I read it in  days, it’s fabulous and she really tells it like it is!!  Enjoy.

Today’s Gatha:

As I wake up, I welcome a new day, a mindful smile with each breath.  May I live each moment with compassion and awareness.




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