if I don’t check in for a while…

It’s because I am working on understanding Medicare!  Yes, it’s that time for me.  I have “officially” been on SSDI for a year and I can now qualify for Medicare.  YAY for no more high dollar COBRA payments!!

I don’t know how anyone gets thru this maze of what they call medicare information.  Who takes my neurologist, how much will my medication be, can I get vision and dental?!  This is rough.  The fact that it’s open enrollement for everyone on medicare doesn’t help either.  The phones lines are all tied up with people asking the same questions I am. 

I work on it a bit at a time every day and am making progress.  Soon it will be time to show the husband what I have found and make a decision!  WHEW!

P.S. I am not stressing too much it’s just alot to take in.  :-O

Today’s Gatha:

Total absorption in the task is what I seek.  I use skillful effort to create a focused mind, allowing clarity and concentration for completion of this task.




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  1. erika9w
    Nov 25, 2012 @ 06:15:24

    Oy! About Medicare… been there/done that and I always though it let studying for SATs or perhaps the Bar Exam (but I wouldn’t know about the latter..) The process is onerous and non-intuitive, and as someone with any cognitive-fog challenges: it seemed to be almost impossible to comprehend. I’m with ya on this one, Sista! -Erika Walters


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