speedy or sedentary?

How do we find the happy medium?  Rest is important yet so is getting on with life and staying mobile!  I have written before about how when I stay still I am uncomfortable and my legs get “twitchy.”  However!!  (you knew that was coming) where is the happy medium?  Today I have spent a good amount of time up and down the stairs doing various things and staying busy.  It feels good and I have some very exciting projects in process that I am thrilled to be part of, I guess I need to be more organized.

There it is!! I solved my own problem.  As I work on a project all my reference materials need to be more organized and on the same floor.  That’s do-able!! We have a desk up and one downstairs.  There ya go..stay mobile but get organized first. I think I can do that.  This new project is SO new that I didn’t understand what I may need. Now I that I am getting into the process I can set up the upstairs desk and keep my “stuff” there.  I like to be upstairs when I can, it’s brighter up there and I enjoy spending time under the skylights during the day.  Even in the cooler weather I like to be around the sunshine!!

Thanks all for providing that therapy.  Hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving Holiday.  I’ll have more to share on this new thing next week.

Today’s Gatha:

To be organized means I have set priorities, that I care deeply about the outcome.  I reflect on what is truly of value, what gives meaning to life.  I then set my priorities for organizing on that basis.




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