enjoying a quiet afternoon…..

I’ve been very busy lately and I am thankful for the busyness.  This afternoon I am enjoying the quiet.  After spending time with “my seniors” this morning and a brief errand afterward, I loaded up the stereo with Christmas music and sat down to relax.  I read an old Rolling Stone that I picked up in a doctor’s office that featured Bruce Springsteen and talked about his preparing for the recent tour. I then moved on to other articles and the next thing I know I feel more rested than I have  in a while.

Again I am thankful for the busyness, I am taking on more responsibility and expanding my yoga teaching.  That has become a joy that I would have never dreamed of!  The other thing that has kept me busy is preparing for a week-long visit from my son and his new wife.  Those that keep up with me on Facebook showed a little concern that I may be over-doing.  Who knows?  I may be but I get such joy from it I wouldn’t have it any other way. Think we are about ready,  just need to get a Christmas tree up.  I have done a lot to prepare, I hope to be able to relax and enjoy our time together when it comes. “Kids” if you read this…that’s your job….let’s just spend time together, enjoy each other and have fun.  I can’t wait!!

Physically been feeling better the last couple of days.  Have to admit wasn’t doing so good there for a while.  I don’t think it was MS, more like a test run of hormones that didn’t agree with me. I can feel that they are slowly leaving my system and will explore a more natural way to get thru this next phase of my life once they are gone.

Now back to the music and relaxing.

Today’s Gatha:

Sitting in the present moment, I breathe mindfully.  Each in-breath nourishes love; each out-breath, compassion.





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