getting back to whatever “normal” is….

It’s been a busy holiday season! My son was here with his wife for a week just before Christmas. We celebrated with them and so enjoyed that time that we had.
I was tired when they first left. It was an emotional tired as well as a physical one. I have taken some time off from teaching yoga to recoup some energy. I have kept my commitment to my senior group as they are good for my soul as well as my physical self. I hope to get more participation in my studio class after the first of the year. I understand that everyone was busy with the holidays!!
Today I took down all of the decorations, tomorrow I hope to pack it all away and send it to the attic for another year. Learing to pace myself is an ongoing task. When I feel good I tend to keep pushing. Today I am trying it to slow it down a bit and take just one step at a time.
I do look forward to getting back into a regular yoga routine. I need it!!!!

Today’s Gatha:
Chasing after the world brings choas. Allowing it all to come to me brings peace.



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  1. Erika Walters
    Dec 29, 2012 @ 14:31:30

    Thank you for your wonderful blog. Is there a place where I can access your upcoming yoga teaching schedule? -Erika


  2. Erika Walters
    Dec 30, 2012 @ 13:53:11

    Thank you so much for the info… I have and CFIDS & FM and my partner has had MS now since 2006. We both did yoga before that as well as being very active and athletic in other ways. I heard about you thru a friend and have been wanting to find out about your classes. I’ll shoot you an email soon. Thanks so much! -Erika


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