thoughts from last Friday

I am starting to have some of my best blog thoughts in the car.  Last Friday I scribbled these notes on the way to teach my seniors.

It was a lazy morning and I really had a hard time getting moving.  Once I made progress from the bed to the shower I began to feel better.  I started thinking of several things that I could do for people that I was going to see that day. 

One of my ladies had confided in my that she was concerned that her granddaughter was exploring buddhism.  She had heard me speak of yogaville and how welcome that I felt there.  I remembered that I had an “Introduction to Buddhism” book from my teacher training.   I took it to her and she was excited to read and learn more, so as not to be so scared. 

I also thought of someone else that I see in that class.  “Betsy” is younger than the rest of the group and practices from her wheelchair.  I believe she has parkinson’s.  She is very sweet and moves as best she can.  I am going to offer to stay late or arrive early one day a week if she is interested in a private session that I can tailor just to her.  I didn’t see her last week so I hope to be able to speak with her tomorrow. 

As my brain was exploring all of these options I began to get very excited about my day and ready to get on with it!!  It was exciting to feel the energy that came from thinking of others.

Today’s Gatha:

I help others with no thought of personal gain.  I do not wish to be recognized for helping.  I also see that helping myself is the first condition for helping others.





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