how did it get to be 4:00?

Busy day at home today.  Wednesday is the one “non-yoga” day that I have now.  That is very exciting! Every other day of the week now I have either a class for myself, a group class that I teach or a private student.  This yoga thing may just work out for me after all!!  😀

I have a new private student this week that I am very excited about.  He is very determined to regain strength and mobility despite his classification as a quadraplegic.  What an inspiration!!  Yoga is for EVERYONE!!  More and more these days you can read about the benefits of yoga to all types of folks.  It’s certainly not news to me! I so enjoy all of the people that I share my love of yoga with. 

One of my seniors told me this week that she no longer needs to get up several times from the dentist chair. She used to have to get up several times during a routine visit because her back would hurt.  She went to the dentist last week and the hygenist commnented that she didn’t have to get out of the chair even once! How exciting!! Yoga is the only thing that she is doing differently. 

 I am organizing a fundraiser for February 16 at to benefit the local M.S. Walk.  If you are in town come see me.  There will be 2 classes which are donation based with all of the money raised going to the local M.S. society.  We did it last year with great success. 

I am sure I had lots of other things to talk about but this week I neglected to make any notes of all of my wonderful inspirations.  I’ll do better in the weeks to come.

Today’s Gatha:

There is no need to worry that a good diea or that solution to a problem will be lost; what is of value will be available at the proper moment.  I open my mind and dance with ideas instead of fixating on them. 




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