one bright morning after a rainy night

One morning recently I was on my way out of the neighborhood and noticed how clean and bright everything was.  It had rained alot the night before.  I realized in that bright moment how greatful I was for the rain.  It washed the street and the sidewalks clean.  The sun was beginning to peek thru the clouds and making everything sparkle.  I realized that I was slowing down to enjoy this moment of morning and how beautiful everything was.

We complain about rain, but what a lovely purpose it has!  It helps plants to grow and washes the earth clean overnight. I try to remember the same thing when I think of how much I don’t enjoy the cold weather.  We must have winter, it leads to spring which leads to my favorite season, SUMMER!  I try and remember these things when I dwell too much in what I don’t enjoy. 

What else can we think of, how else can we change our thoughts to look to the other side of moments we may not enjoy?  What brightness is on the other side?

Today’s Gatha:

With precision, I watch the wave of impermanence. The temperatures of evrything teaches me the principle of harmony. When I do not struggle again it, I am in harmony with reality.




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