a compliment from a doctor??

you bet!!  I had a follow up appointment today about a test that was run a month or so ago. good news is everything is fine.  EVEN BETTER NEWS is that the doctor says that because of my fitness and my awareness of my body thanks to YOGA my chronological age and my physical ago don’t match!!! that is a very good thing right!?! 

he even said my “physical being is good despite the MS” ok i made that a quote but that may not be his exact words, but it’s how I heard it. 

I keep saying “this yoga thing just might work out for me!”  more opportunities continue to come my way and now a physician concludes that yoga is helping me to stay fit!  I know for those of you that practice, that’s not news. sometimes the medical folks are a little skeptical of yoga’s benefits.  maybe it’s because i was sitting crossed legged on the exam table when he walked in!  🙂

as you can tell i am excited but it’s been a really good day for lots of reasons.  be back in touch soon, tomorrow is a fundraiser at www.4025yoga.com for the MS Walk,  More on that in my next blog.

Today’s Gatha:

My mind can go in a thousand directions.  Now I walk in peace.  Each step creates a warm breeze.  With each step a lotus blooms.




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