it’s 8:30 and I’m up?

Those who know me would wonder, what’s wrong or do you have an early appointment?  Nothing is wrong and I don’t have anywhere to be!  I just am awake and excited to start my day.  I am resting better these days.  Don’t really have anything to pin it on.  I am taking some new supplements for non M.S. symptoms that I am experiencing as a woman of a certain age.  I have chosen to stay away from prescription medications as much as I can.  I will NOT stop my M.S. meds as they seem to be doing their job of keeping the M.S. flare ups away. 

I am feeling good and excited about a new oppotunity that has come my way.  Will keep you posted on that .  Again…I don’t wait well but I am always working on that and know that as the old saying goes, “good things come to those who wait.”  Well I am waiting I just don’t LIKE it!!!

Been busy around the house.  Sold my son’s old furniture to a friend so I have a new room to arrange.  Think I finally have it the way it is going to stay. That has been fun. Even got a couple of marks on my hands from dragging furniture around.  I like creating new spaces and thinking of how they will be used and who will use them.  Another one of life’s transitions.

Time to move on to the next thing on my list for today.  Need to reach out to my M.S. Walk Team and inspire some fund raising! 

Today’s Gatha:

I recude undue clutter and complexity by giving away or selling possessinos that are seldom used or could be used productively by others.  Today I learn to touch the earth more gently, living with less complexity and clutter.  The path is swept and I see the ground of awakening.






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