one of the notes I made in the car…..

It says “make the most of the hand you are dealt.”  I wrote it on a day when I was thinking about my M.S. and on my way to teach or something…anyway it had to do with my diagnosis.  I thought of how I could just have taken the very scary news at the time and let my life come to a screeching halt.  I know that I didn’t because at the time I had an infant who needed my attention and a life to live!!  My first “big” flare up wasn’t until years later and not long after that I discovered yoga.  So in an odd sort of way M.S. opened up a whole world of opportunity to me!!  Weird I know..just be aware of what the universe may be suggesting and be prepared to give it a whirl!!

Today I was baking snickerdoodle cookies and talking with that “infant” on the phone.  He is now 21 and married!!!  Anyway, I was baking while distracted and the first 6 cookies got rolled in cocoa and sugar not cinnamon and sugar!  I realized what I had done and decided to bake them and see what happened.  Turns out they aren’t awful and taste a bit like chocolate shortbread.  Another time I made the best of something, ran with it and it was, while not a success according to the recipe, it certainly wasn’t a failure either!

One last example.  I never really understood why folks tell me that I am a postive person.  Maybe this entry answers that.  One day earlier this week I heard a strange noise and so did my cats, so I went to search out where it was coming from.  Turns out it was a male bluebird tapping on my window.  I took it to mean that he was letting me know they would be back this spring and was stopping by to say “hi.”  A friend explained to me that he was fighting with the bird that was his reflection.  I choose to believe what I thought and not the more violent answer.  OK, maybe I am that positive person!  Sure does make life alot more fun to live!!!

What do you think?

Today’s Gatha:

When my actions are motivated by generosity, kindness, love, or wisdom, the results are happiness and peace.  May I cultivate a silence of mind that drings this happiness and peace.


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