it’s a good day!!

I got my first tan lines!!  for you fellow MS’ers who are wondering, I am fortunate that the heat doesn’t affect me.  So today when the sun was shining on my deck I took the opportunity to go soak up the sun for a while.  I was waiting for a couple of return calls and had some reading to do, what a better place to do it!!  I just kept nudging my chair as the sun moved.  All totaled I was out for close to 2 hours.  It was about 70 with a breeze so it was really a great way to spend part of the afternoon.  (and be a little productive at the same time.)

My sister and I are beginning to think about settling some of Dad’s affairs.  It should be rather simple as my well organized Mom taught my Dad well.  We’ll see as we begin the process. 

I am sore a bit from all of the yoga last week.  It’s a good sort of feeling and with some good rest over the weekend I feel pretty good today.  Today has been a quiet day too so I can gradually get back into whatever normal is.  The weeks right after Daddy died were very busy, I am still bouncing back I think but I feel good!  So happy to say I made it thru another stressful time without a flare up. 

Looking forward to starting a new class this week and another one next week.  My calendar is filling up and I am so happy about it and a little proud if it’s OK to say that.  This dream of helping others through yoga is really coming true.  I hope to be able to share more info in this blog as things start to happen. 

Today’s Gatha:

I aim to make every action serve the goal of helping others.  Even eating can have this motivation. I eat to maintain strength, to prolong my live, and be better able to help others.  I am always mindful of my motivations.




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