learning to relax

I started this earlier today….

As I sit outside with all the good intentions of reading a new book on yoga sequencing, I am easily distracted by the activity of the neighborhood birds.  I realize that I am relaxing, that for now I need to take a moment and watch the birds.  Am I delaying what needs to be done?  Maybe I am, is taking a moment to enjoy mother nature an OK thing?  ABSOLUTELY!!!

Just when I think I am through with my thoughts, along comes a bumble bee.  Does the bee not deserve my appreciation?  Of course she does!  She is a lovely,fascinating creature so I watch her for a while.  The reading will wait. 

I remained on the deck for a while.  Got a little reading done and watched the birds.  I even got my binoculars.  I am watching a chickadee and a tufted titmouse enter and exit my bluebird house.  Someone has built a nest but I can’t tell who the permanent residents will be.

I love this time of year when I can enjoy the outdoors by sitting on the deck.  I often wonder during early spring…”what did I do when I couldn’t be outdoors!?” 

Things are moving along swiftly and my calendar continues to fill up.  I am watching my energy levels and am proud to report that I am feeling pretty good! 

Will check back in later in the week. 

Today’s Gatha:

As the sun sets, I practice the way of awareness.  I vow to share the fruits of my life with all beings.  I appreciate the numerous beings who gave guidance and support along my path today.





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