just because I need to sit still for a while…..

I need to learn to turn off the world and rest for a time every day.  I am busier now than I have been in a long time and it feels really good!  I know some folks have been worrried that I am doing too much but I read something just this morning that said if you are doing something that makes you happy, then it is good for you!!  So…what I am doing makes me VERY happy!!!

I take 2 yoga classes a week and teach 7!! That makes me happy!  I am getting back into the shape that I was in when I was going thru my teacher training.  That makes me VERY happy!  (especially with swimsuit season upon us and we all know how much I enjoy the pool!!) 

The thing that I need to master again is how to slow down and rest when I am home.  I am on such a high most days it’s hard to relax right away.

Yes the emotions have been on quite a roller coaster recently and they still are.  I think of my Mom and Dad frequently.  That’s different now, it’s weird not to be able to pick up the phone and reach either one of them. The good thing I need to remember is that I can talk to them anytime now WITHOUT a phone!  Maybe I need to ask Mom to help me settle down. 

I have been meaning to write for a few days now and couldn’t come up with what to write about.  Today I opened my gatha book and turned to this:

Today’s Gatha:

I enter this exercise with awareness.  Such exercise joins mind and body.  To strenghten my mind, I must strenghten my muscles.  Exercise is a blessing for the whole day. 

So now I am off to rest and relax for the remainer of the evening.




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  1. martha d
    Apr 18, 2013 @ 17:39:03

    hi sarah-meant to tell you in class today i enjoy your blog very much-never read a blog before-am not real savvy about such stuff.! anyhow, also like your class- the whole mood, tempo, atmosphere is nice , and like your teacher-style as well. hope my reply reaches you-as i say i ‘ve not done this before-thanks-martha/thurs a.m. class


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