a recent visit with my neurologist

It was my usual 6 month check up and things went very well.  We talked about changing meds.  I am tired of the shots but they seem to be working and I have been on them for a LONG time so why change?  Would I love to take a pill and NOT have to give myself a shot once a week?  Sure!! Am I thrilled with the way I am feeling the last few years? ABSOLUTELY!! So why change? 

We talked a bit about my teaching fellow MS’ers with yoga.  I needed to hear from my doc that I wasn’t going to do any harm when I helped someone into a pose when their body isn’t cooperating.  It’s not that we can’t feel, it’s that our brains have spots that prohibit the signals from going through.  It was good to get confirmation from my doctor. 

I left that appointment feeling a bit elated.  I am a professional worrier so the time approaching an appointment is a bit nervous for me.  We agreed that I don’t need an MRI either!  That’s a good thing because I think I am still paying off my part of the last one! Why do things have to be so expensive?

My I should have read today’s gatha BEFORE I went to my appointment!

Faith means trusting the unfolding process of life.  I let go of fears and attachments and open to the unknown in this moment.  My medical visit is a time to practice my faith.





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