my “Sally Field” moment

I was a presenter at a “Wellness Trends and Resources” seminar today.  Subtitled “Ageing with Lifelong Disablities”

It was my first time doing something like this.  I sat at the presenters table with my name on a laminated piece of paper.  (fancy..huh?) Had to bring it home with me!!

I taught a short chair yoga class to those that were there and got lots of good feedback.  The folks that we there work with people as described in the title above.  They were very interested in what I had to say and were amazed at how you can “get your stretch” on in a chair.  Don’t worry I didn’t use those words today.  We did explore how simple movements in a chair can make a difference.  Some even commented that they were going to be sore! 

I told my story of my MS Diagnosis, had to take some time to explain to one well meaning gentleman who asked “what part of the MS progress are you in?” that there are lots of different kinds of MS.  We then went into a chair yoga class.  I passed out lots of cards, answered some questions and think that I will have some new opportunities from the contacts I made today!!

I left there with a grin on my face and the thought of “they like me they really really like me!!!”  Do I teach what you may think of as a regular yoga class?  No.  We don’t chant, we don’t do any advanced poses.  I teach to my ability and to the ability of my class.  We stretch, we bend and we notice how good that can feel!  We move beyond how we may move on any given day and it feels GOOD!  I felt proud today of myself and how I connected with the 2 groups.

Thanks for letting my brag on myself some.

Today’s Gatha:

To achieve happiness, I must see that the one important time is now.  The present moment is all I have.  The happiness I seek with come fomr deep kindness and respect for all beings and all life.  I am aware of what is appropriate, skillful, timeley, and true.




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  1. Amy
    Jun 03, 2013 @ 18:12:04

    👍Good job my dear… to hear these stories, your very inspiring .


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