from a recent trip to the pool

I always have something with me to jot down my thoughts..this is from a recent trip to our neighborhood pool……

We’ve been coming to this pool for 18 years.  We raised our son here for many summers, until he was too “cool” to come to the pool. There are new young families and some of the same faces.  Small children first learning about the pool, teenagers trying to be cool.

I sit in the same area and watch.  I think about how my life has changed over time. 

From newly married with a young son (3), to a Mom, to a Mother-in-Law hanging out mostly on my own.  My Husband is joining me this year and that’s great.  I still have one day a week on my own.  (that’s ok too!! 🙂 )

So thankful MS hasn’t taken away my ability to “soak up the sun” to quote Sheryl Crow.  I don’t burn, never have, just get brown.  I relax and enjoy my own kind of quiet.  Even with the young kids and all the other noise.

I allow about 2 hours, get bored after that.  I am a woman of a certain age.  Need to take it easy on my skin.  I want to continue to hear “you don’t look THAT old”!!


Back to the pool tomorrow with a friend.  Looking forward to it.  It’s always good to share some time in the sunshine with a good friend.  Got snacks all ready to go.  May be longer than the usual 2 hours since I have someone to chat with.  I will protect my face with some sunscreen and keep cool by dunking in the pool every adult swin.  (15 mins every hour.)

Today’s Gatha:

As the sun sets, I practice the way of awareness.  I vow to share the fruits of my life with all beings.  I appreaciate the numerous being who gave guidance and support along my path today.




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