just one of the girls…..

growing up I always wanted to move away, try a new school, be the new girl…be popular.  don’t get me wrong, I had a golden childhood with wonderful family and friends.  just thought it would be cool to be the new girl just once.  i wouldn’t consider myself popular or one of the cool kids. 

recently, here in my grown up life, starting my 6th decade..i had a day where i felt like one of the cool kids!!  not the tall girl, not the woman with MS, just one of the cool kids!!

it was a recent weekend at the yoga studio where i teach.  we took lots of photos and even did some video for a web site that is being developed.  i was one of 5 women in the group.  among my teachers and the studio owner it was such an honor to be “one of the girls.”

we had fun, were alot of the time silly, sometimes serious, all together for a common goal.  being comparatively new to yoga and being accepted into this “family” is more than i could have ever expected. 

while the excitement of the day was going on i just had fun and enjoyed being one of this group. once i got home, away from said excitement of the day, i realized the emotion settling over me.  it was such an honor to be asked to join them. 

today’s gatha:

my parents were my first teachers.  in my formal education, instructors taught me.  may i now be mindul of all the teachers that surround me.  i am grateful to them.  i want to learn more throughout the rest of my life.



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