on the road…..

…alot!!  taking it easy this morning.  Last week was a busy one with a couple of trips out of state.  thankfully my schedule changed a little and I can take it easy today.  still in my jammies and catching up on stuff on a rainy morning. 

made the mistake of wearing the wrong shoes (flip flops..really cute tho!!) for a couple of days out of town and last night my legs really hurt.  had a good night’s sleep and they are better today. it’s good to be home and back into routine, or at least as much of a routine as I have. 

july is turning out to be a busy month and my favorite summer season is sneaking away like it always does.  vacation will be here soon and we are planning on doing alot of NOTHING!!  😀

there is the sun peaking thru the clouds, maybe I can work in some pool time today.  definately need a yoga class tonight.  my legs may not cooperate but so much, fortunately I know how to modify and am working on no being so paraniod about worrying that my form isn’t the same as others in the room.  I think that is why the class I teach is finally building a following.  it is a safe place for those of us whose practice may not be what we imagine others think it should be.  I know..it’s all in our head but it’s still nice to have a friendly group to practice with. 

moving on to the next things on my list today. 

Today’s gatha:

resolving to practice moderation, I gently learn to let go of extremes.  moderation is the only way to find true balance and the best way to live fully and with mindful awareness.





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