boy has LIFE happened in the last few weeks…

I though it had been longer than a few weeks since I checked in. Lots going on including a week at the Outer Banks. It’s all good, have needed to be accessible for a few friends and so honored that they chose to lean on me.

Today is a bit of getting back into a routine and we all know how important that is!

I have learned this summer that a good pair of flip flops is
very important. I found a pair that had a little bit of cushion and even some support and they still look cute. Had sore legs for a few days until I gave into what I knew was causing it.
Other leg stuff on the trip to the Outer Banks. Traffic was horrendous as it took us 3 hours to drive 80 miles! When I got out of the car at then rental office my legs gave out…I didn’t fall but both of my knee buckled. I have noticed this feeling more recently. When I am still in a small space for an extended period of time it takes a little longer to get my “sea legs” again….MS…..age…?? Who knows. It’s something I am fully aware of now so I can manage it and hopefully prevent getting all “stove up” as my Grandmother would say!!

Some exciting news for me! I have my Red Cross certification in first aid and CPR now. It was a 2 hour class on a Saturday afternoon and I found a deal on line. I had been wanting to do it but the price was preventing me. So proud of myself. As much time as a spend with seniors I felt it was necessary.

My calendar for August is filling up and that makes me very happy. It’s good for me to stay busy. A little over a month left of pool time!!!

This is not a gatha but I read it on line and thought it was a wonderful thing for everyone to remember.

“talk to yourself like you would someone you love”



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