sometimes the universe sends you a signal

I had planned for my next blog to be about how MUCH yoga I have done this week and how wonderful I feel!  Instead it’s about how much yoga I have done this week and how wonderful I feel AND how I needed a break!!

The check engine light went on in my car today on the way to take a class at  I didn’t panic because I knew that I would call my husband, that he would take her (Margaret-my car) from me and take care of her.  Just hoping it’s not a big deal.  The good thing is that I am sorta grounded today.  I have my husband’s car but it is much bigger than I am used to and I am not too confident going long distances in it. So this afternoon I am getting some r and r on the deck and taking it easy.

I have taken FOUR yoga classes myself this week.  I really need to get back into practcing for myself and practicing what I preach to my students.  Finally checked out the new studio up the street with a friend and have been twice already.  There could be some good opportunities for me there too!!

I feel good after so many classes.  I don’t plan on making 4 classes a week a habit but 2 would be good.  I just need to motivate myself out of bed and get it done!!  The universe sent me a message today thru that light in my car. The message was…you feel good..we are happy for you but don’t PUSH it!  Take an afternoon and take it easy…so that’s what I’m doing!!

A quiet afternoon on the deck is just what I needed.

Today’s Gatha:

The mind is like a puppy, wandering endlessly and delighting in each new distraction.  With amusement and great affection, I patiently gather my mind again and again as gently and lovingly as I would a puppy.  By training my own mind, I cultivate the patience and equanimity to deal with other distractions.




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