when is it just right?

hello friends!  been a while…I’ve got a question.  Whether you live with M.S. or not…..when do you know that you are doing too much? 

I know that my stamina may not be what it used to be.  I get that I have M.S. and that affects my energy levels.  When do you know you’ve crossed the line?  Do you keep moving until you can’t go anymore?  Do you anticipate the next flare up and stop your daily commitments and rest?  When do you do this? How do you manage it?

I am teaching yoga 6 days a week now and loving it! Do I get tired?  Sure!  Is that normal? Of course!! So friends, are we back to the old question is it M.S. or not?  Honestly I am very proud of myself and how I am able to bring yoga to a population of folks…M.S. or not who just want a gentle class.  There is a demand for it… I knew there would be.  Maybe folks who are intimidated by starting a practice or are getting back to a practice after a long break.

When do I take a break?  I am working on getting my schedule just right.  Teaching more during the day and being home at night.  Right now after a Saturday morning class my weekends are free so that’s wonderful!  I am good at listening to my body and resting when I need to.  Is that all I need to do?  So far I feel great and am keeping up my commitments.  Do I anticipate something happening and slow down? I am pretty confident that I would be miserable. (also a little extra $ sure helps out)

Let me hear from you!  What do you think? 

Today’s Gatha:

I need more wisdom, not knowledge, and that comes from awareness. Wise activities bring happiness and understanding; unwise activities lead to suffering and conflict. I use restraint and gain strength and composure of mind to pursue a wise course.




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