Sunday morning thoughts….

So just about every Sunday morning is spent this way…we sleep in….watch CBS Sunday Morning in bed. At some point one of makes some breakfast and we eat in bed….once the good Sunday morning programming ends we pry ourselves out of bed and start our day.

There was an interesting, very short conversation this morning. My Husband asks me….”are you working Friday?” I know he’s thinking of the upcoming holiday and beginning to plan but my thought is “work? I don’t work anymore, doesn’t he remember that? It’s not THAT early!” Then I realize he is asking if I am teaching!! I don’t think of teaching yoga as work. I don’t refer to it as work. I say “I have a class today or I have to teach today.”

What a wonderful realization that was. Yes for most of my classes I am compensated for my time but I really don’t see it as work. Of course I spend time planning classes, researching how and what to teach and I have a schedule to adhere to, I just have never thought of it as work! It’s more a decision I made and a wonderful opportunity I have.

After that short few sentence exchange I said “Thanks! I have my next blog.” I don’t plan when I am going to write something, I just wait for inspiration, wait until I feel like I have something interesting to say. Hope you enjoy these occasional thoughts.

Today’s Gatha:
I meditate before I get out of bed by being grateful for the opportunity to experience another day. I thank the universe for the night of safety that passed and for having a warm, dry place to sleep. Taking three conscious breathes, I focus on the breath entering and leaving my body.



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