missing holiday traditions, learning to embrace new ones…

I have to admit, I’ve been rather sad lately. This year’s Thanksgiving is my first one with no parents. My Mom has been gone a long time and I adjusted to that, Dad just died in March, I am sure I will adjust to that as well. The thing I am missing most this year is the annual trip to meet my sister and visit my Dad. We would share a Thanksgiving meal with Dad and visit at the lovely assisted living place that he called home. After spending good times with Dad, my sister and I would go to a close by hotel and have some wonderful “sister time.” I am really missing that this year. My sister isn’t traveling. (She has a new man in her life and is spending her holiday with him) While I am happy that she has someone to share her holiday with I am having a hard time embracing a new way to celebrate.

This morning I began to realize how wonderful it is that things are changing! I have new friends to be thankful for, many new folks who come to my yoga classes, a relatively new connection to a dear cousin, and my son and his wife are starting an exciting new phase in their lives. While I will miss my traditions, I am going to do my best to embrace change and create some new traditions.

So I will still have a great Thanksgiving, I just need to learn to be thankful differently. How wonderful it is that I have so much for which to be thankful !!

Today’s Gatha:
May I be fully present in preparing for this celebration, cultivating generosity, gratitude, and kindness. I also know that I must cultivate generosity, gratitude, and kindness for even the smallest joys and wonders. Conditional happiness dependent upon a specific circumstance always leads to suffering. This celebration is a source of happiness if I use it to practice being in the present moment.


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