Happy? Holidays!!

How is everyone?  didn’t realize that is had been a month since I wrote anything.  been busy blah blah blah…we are all busy this time of year. I am teaching a lot and learning how to manage that.  Decided that for the holidays I would take some time off for me!!  In the past on holidays I have told my students “if you will be here, then I will be here.”  This year I decided it was time for some r and r.  We’ve had a sick kitty… (R.I.P. Picabo)  and construction going on in the house so the stress level has been rather high!! 

The combination of stress and fatigue isn’t good for anyone..throw in an M.S. diagnosis…will you all know what happens.  So I am taking some time off.  With this time off we have attended a big annual Christmas party, had house guests and a friend and I are throwing a New Year’s Eve party at my house!  Very small scale.  I love having folks in so hopefully it will just be a fun gathering of a small group of friends that doesn’t take it’s toll any other way. 

It dawns on my just now that I frequently tell my friends who also live with M.S. that managing stress and fatigue are the keys to my doing so well and I truly believe that it is. The key to how to do that I don’t know.  I just know that I am able to listen to what my body tells me and rest when I need to.  Whether resting means going to be early, napping in the afternoon or NOT worrying about the small stuff I don’t know.  I guess it’s all of that.  I am a PRO at worrying about things.  Learning that fretting over stuff changes nothing is a work in progress for me. 

Will be making some decisions about classes and how to manage 13 a week in the coming weeks.  Will try and keep you posted along the way.

belated Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to all of you!!!!



Today’s Gatha:

May I fully be present in preparing for this celebration, cultivating generosity, gratitude, and kindness for even the smallest joys and wonders.  Conditional happiness dependent upon a specific circumstance always leads to suffering.  This celebration is a source of happiness if I use it to practice being in the present moment. 



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