watch out what you ask for…..

You know the old saying…”watch out what you ask for, you just might get it?”  Well I’m there!  There was a time when I wanted to be able to earn just what I am allowed to earn while on disability. Stay busy, share my love of yoga and help others like me who can benefit from getting their stretch on.  Well now I am teaching a lot and am looking for teachers to take over a few of my classes.  Don’t get me wrong the $ is nice but to a VERY type A person it’s good to keep emails answered, voice mails returned and oh yeah…bills paid!!

It was hard to come to this decision. To me it felt like some kind of failure.  I know..I know….too busy a failure?  Just trust me….that’s where my head goes.  I know I need to take it easy, as a pro at worrying about stuff just making the decision was a process.  Now I have 2 people who may be able to pick up some of my classes and my routine can settle down.  In the mean time…more requests have come in for me to do talks on adaptive yoga and I need to follow up on a request for a chair yoga workshop!!  SEE…watch out what you ask for!!!

My M.S. has cooperated thru all of this.  No flare ups and I feel good. I miss my personal yoga practice and that is something I plan to get back to very soon.  I feel so good when I practice, I need to allow time for ME!!

Today’s Gatha

Peace of mind is my top priority.  I reflect on what is really of value, what gives meaning to life.  I set my other priorities on that basis. 






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