squeaky wheel?

That was the note I made to myself in the car this morning.  I get so many of my inspirations for my blogs while I am driving.  The note simply says…”blog idea…squeaky wheel.” I made sure to bring the note inside when I got home.  Do I remember what I meant by that?  Nope!  I have thought about it and tried to remember but I got nothing!!

I may have been thinking about my recent experience with my neurologist.  As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I am off my meds for what is approaching 6 weeks.  Initially the doctor’s instruction was 4 weeks.  As the end of that time approached I began calling his office to see if I could get my blood work done at a facility closer to home.  The response was slower than I needed, then I remembered that I had his secretary/nurses number.  SCORE!  Got her on the first try.  She thought it would be OK but wanted to check with the doctor and call me back.  That call never came.  After a couple of days I called again…the order had been called into the place closer to home for me and I could go right away.  I did, waited a minimal amount of time and now am waiting to hear the results.  I have also had an MRI recently.  Hope to get news on both things soon.  Do I expect my doc to call?  Not really?  Is that OK?  Not really?  Will I call the office myself?  of course!! It is our responsibility to be our own advocate, manage our own care and make sure our physicians stay on track with what we need!!  As busy as they are these days it is up to US to make sure they do that.  So be the squeaky wheel…make sure your doctors do what you need them to, that’s why we have them. Do your best not to be angry, I am sure they all have large case loads and are very busy.  Stand up for yourself! Ask questions !  Get the answers you need! …OK off my soap box now. 

Hope everyone is warm and enjoying what we all hope are the waning days of winter.

Today’s Gatha:

True patience manifests itself as a non-grasping openness to whatever comes next.  It is a calm willingness to be present.  The true practice is patience, not wanting anything special or unusual to happen.  The things I am attached to give me the opportunity to develop patience and kindness toward them and my grasping melts away. 





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