What makes you purr?

That is the line on the back cover of a book that I am reading.  The Dalai Lama’s Cat and the Art of Purring.  From what I have read it is going to be about what makes us happy.  Interesting thing this morning is that I watched that very happiness in our new cat Daisy.  She came to us from a local shelter and we have helped her through some health issues already.  We adopted her because she had some “stuff” going on and it may not have been easy for her to find a forever home. 

This morning as I am trying to settle in for a while and read she comes bounding into the bedroom demanding attention.  This is new for her.  We can tell she is feeling better.  She runs around the house making a chortling noise AND she has started to purr!  She LOVES any kind of string.  Whether it is the straps of a tank top that I am wearing, a drawstring on a sweatshirt or a string on a toy.  I have been hesitant to give her a string of her own because it may be a choking hazard.  This morning as she BOUND onto the bed with me and my new book into what I was hoping would be some quiet time…I had a wonderful thought!

The shoelace to my boot that broke yesterday is nice and thick and won’t shred.  I had but it on my list to replace them today.  Daisy…I have you a new toy!! I took the lace out of my boot, cut off the plastic ends, tied a knot in each end and burned it just a bit so it wouldn’t ravel.  When I tossed it on the floor for her she loudly chortled her thanks and took off down the stairs!!  There was happiness!!  Simple joy. Our shelter kitty has found a home and found her happiness in a simple boot lace!!

We all have issues we deal with, whether it is a chronic illness or not and we can all find a little happiness every day.  We can all find our bootlace!!  What is yours? 

Today’s Gatha:

To achieve happiness, I must see that the one important time is now.  The present moment is all I have.  The happiness I seek will come from deep kindness and respect for all beings and all life.  I am aware of what is appropriate, skillfull, timely, and true.




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