a day of rest?

Not really.  Usual Sunday stuff…4 loads of laundry…REALLY?  there is just 2 of us and I do it twice a week!!  Getting the house ready for another week. 

Lately I have been worried that I am overdoing.  Right now I feel WONDERFUL!!! I was concerned that I really was doing too much and was going to have to cut back.  Don’t worry.  I am still keeping an eye on that.  Always listening to what my body tells me.  I did my usual Sunday chores today but did not do some things outside the house that I had been invited to.  I LISTENED and took it easy this afternoon.  My Husband and I made a yummy wild rice and mushroom soup for dinner and now I am sharing that good feeling with all of you!!  Warm soup and crusty bread in my belly, the laundry is caught up and the house is straight enough to begin a new week. Thankful for the energy to get some things done and the knowledge to know when it was time to take a break. 

April promises to be very busy.  Lots of extra classes to teach but I am excited for the opportunities and ready to take them on knowing that I will LISTEN and rest when I need to.

Today’s Gatha:

I choose not to waste time on desires and their emptiness. I vow to over come desire and when I do this,  I experience an increase in energy and understanding-and therefore, time.



P.S. the M.S. walk is April 26! Busy month!!




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