morning has never been my favorite time of day…..

..but I am learning!! Picking up some early (for me) classes over the last few months has come with quite the learning curve!!  I have never been a morning person.  I blame it on my more than happy Dad…on most weekend mornings you could hear him all over the house singing “Oh what a beautiful morning” at the top of his lungs. Granted, Dad had a nice voice….but he didn’t use it on Saturday mornings.  He just wanted to be loud!

Lately I have been really struggling to get out of bed.  Once I am up and moving it’s OK, but getting that first foot on the floor is tough.  Add to that a new cat who hasn’t adapted to our schedule.  She just doesn’t get why we don’t want to play at 4 a.m!!  😀

I have been wondering too if it’s because I have been of my meds for several months now.  No more shots for me. My white blood cell count was low and after being off the avonex everything is back to normal.  Hooray!!  Soon I will be starting one of the oral medications.  I am a bit apprehensive, I feel like these M.S. medications are still rather new but after about 15 years of shots I am willing to give it a  try. 

I am getting more requests for adaptive yoga classes too and am having some “chats” with myself on how to manage these requests.  Warm weather is coming and fortunately it doesn’t affect my M.S. symptoms so I want to be able to spent some time outdoors and not overdo on classes.  Will keep you posted on how that thought process goes. 

Looking forward to spring and summer, my favorite times of the year.  Also to growing my classes and bringing adaptive yoga to lots of folks without overdoing myself!  Keep me in your thoughts. 

Today’s Gatha:

I choose not to waste time on desires and their emptiness.  I vow to overcome desire and when I do this, I experience an increase in energy and understanding – and therefore, time.






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