today I said WHEN!!!!

knowing when to say when is important!  especially since fatigue is one of the things that over the years has seemed to trigger my M.S. symptoms.  this morning I said WHEN!  it’s been a busy time and I am thankful for all of the activity and today I am also thankful for taking a day off. 

this promises to be a busy week and we were gone over the weekend.  the house needed some attention and so did I.  as a person who appreciates a tidy home I think not only did I need to rest but I needed to work on what I like to call “reclaiming my space.”  I didn’t do a lot but I feel better about what I was able to accomplish. 

looking forward to spending the evening catching up with a good friend.  tomorrow starts later in the I can rest just a little longer.

I have talked about this over and over….learning to listen to the signals my body may be sending me is a gift that I am so grateful that I have learned to take seriously.

Today’s Gatha:

when I see a red light or a stop sign, I smile at it and thank it.  I see it as a friend, helping me to resist rushing.  the sign says: stop, return to the present moment.  may I meet the present moment with joy and peace.  I breathe and smile.

today I set up my own stop sign!!




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