soak up the sun

That song by Sheryl Crow has always been one of my favorites. For lots of reasons, one of them being I absolutely LOVE sitting in the sun!! I am so thankful that my M.S. does not keep my from doing that. Today I am particularly thankful for the 2 hours I just spent doing that very thing. At my own home, on my own deck, in my own kind of personal space.

I am coming off a very busy time in my life. A trip to Virginia Beach one weekend to see “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen, followed 2 weekends later by the M.S. walk, followed by a trip to another beach with my bff and a great group of friends. As thankful as I am to have been able to do all of those things I am equally thankful to be home back in my routine, in my home, with my husband.

The last couple of months have been busy and frustrating. Busy for reasons I just listed and frustrating because I am changing M.S. medications and working on getting some help with the lofty co-pay. I consider myself a fairly intelligent woman but this has been frustrating! Turns out somehow 2 organizations were contacting me about offering help and it took me a long time to sort all of that out.

I am thankful for some quiet time on the trip to Topsail Beach to reflect and think. It was time to rethink and reprioritize some things in my life and nothing like staring at the sun, sand and salt water to help you do just that. I was more quiet during these days than I normally would be but I went with the intention of making this trip just that…a quiet few days to think. I feel much better.

Now on to what promises to be a wonderful summer!!!!

Today’s Gatha:
I observe my thoughts and the workings of my mind. I use wise reflection and consideration about where my actions are leading. This reflection brings me clarity.



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