why Mother’s Day is tough for me…..

I am so thankful to BE a mother to a wonderful young man-BUT I MISS MY MOMMY!!!

Mother’s Day is always bittersweet. Don’t get me wrong I had a “Leave it to Beaver” childhood. A Mother and Father who worked both full time, Mom had dinner on the table every night, she and Dad were always involved in what was going on with me in every step of my life. Add to that a big sister who adored this live baby doll who came into her life when she was 11, it was GREAT!

The sucky part started just over 20 years ago when my Mom died. My son was 16 months old, Mother’s Days were just starting for me but at the same time they’ve never been the same. I am so thankful for BE a mother to a wonderful young man but I MISS MY MOMMY!!!

As I said, Mother’s Day is always bittersweet. My son is married to a great girl and lives in another state-I always get a phone call that’s special. My husband makes sure that I get a card from the cats and mimosas in bed for breakfast!!

Today as I was sitting outside reading and enjoying the warmth of the sun the call came!! It was my son with my Mother’s Day call-I started to feel better…thankful for all of the things that I listed at the beginning of this blog.

Next year I hope to remember these feelings early and plan something for my friends who may have the same sort of feelings on Mother’s Day no matter their personal reason why. So much is made of Mother’s Day I am sure there are plenty of us who could enjoy a Mimosa with a table of girlfriends and make our own kind of celebration!!!

Today’s Gatha;
In every situation where I feel discomfort, it is because I want something to be different. I am grasping after an idea I have about the way reality should be, rather than simple being present for what is. Dealing with discomfort is not passive acceptance but being aware of what really is in this moment.



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