a 1 hour quiet yoga class?

Why not?  I teach a twice a week class for a group of young adults.  It is part of the day care group that they attend.  Today when they arrived I could tell that it had been a rough morning.  They were almost 30 minutes late, (I had called and knew they were on the way) and both of the staffers seemed a bit rattled to say the least.  Once everyone got their shoes off, found a mat and joined me in the yoga studio I took a moment to survey the room.  We have recently begun staring and ending the class with savasna.  I could tell this was especially needed today. The group is usually so excited that the “yoga lady” is here that it helps for all of us to relax a bit before we begin our practice.

Today as everyone was settling into their mats and relaxing on their bolsters I made my way to one of the staff and asked…”how about if we just have a quiet hour today?  it’s as important to learn how to relax and be quiet sometimes as it is to stretch.”  I got a thumb’s up and a gentle smile. 

As I sat in the room, I began to listen.  There was gentle snoring and someone was chanting along with the music. I knew this is just what this group needed today. 

When it was close to time for them to go I awoke a couple of students first that I knew would continue to be quiet and helped me wake the others.  I think this was one of my favorite classes ever, just because I was able to see in a short amount of time how this quiet yoga class was just what everyone needed. 

Today’s Gatha

Stop!  I am just breathing.  I calm the mind, let go of the chatter, and allow a stillness to fall.  In moments of stillness and contentment, I notice the inner workings of karma-cause and effect.






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