finding my balance?

My schedule has lightened up recently.  It’s nice for 2 reasons…it’s SUMMER..I LOVE summer….and I needed some more time at home.  Time to keep things organized physically around the house and in my head!!  The C.R.S. has been in high gear recently. (can’t remember stuff…the doctor’s call it cognitive loss)  I am hoping that some more ‘me’ time and time to rest will help this. 

Will this free time last?  I don’t know.  It’s all up to me and how much I choose to take on.  I have some things brewing.  We’ll see what materializes. 

Here is a description from a stack of bracelets that I wear:

Aventurine takes a part in your prosperity – It is a positive reinforcement for leadership and will help you reap the benefits you seek. 

Sandalwood and African Jade: This fantastic combo of stone and wood has meditative qualities including luck and love. 

Balance comes from being equally centered in the many different parts of your life: your love life, your physical health, and your career. All important and all need to be nourished. The Balance Stack is for you if you’re looking to have a little more harmony in your life! A girl with harmony is a happy girl.

Just reading this description makes me feel better.

I have invited this busyness into my life and I am grateful for it.  I feel like I am making a difference in a small way by spreading my love of yoga and how it helps me.  What I need to remember is to take care of myself along the way.  I must admit the extra $ from my paid classes is nice as well.  As the title of this says, I just need to find the balance! 

If you are reading this and are one of my dear students…no worries…I am not looking to make any changes to my current schedule.  I may be looking for some help with some new opportunities should they come along.  I am finding that my morning time at home is very important.  Keep in mind…morning to me on a perfect day starts no earlier than 9:00!!

I got the idea for this blog yesterday when I was organizing some paperwork in my car. Yes I said in my car.  I keep some things there that I need for the various classes that I teach.  I have always been a tidy person and for me my car has recently been less than that.  It was nice to take a moment and organize the things that need to travel with me every day.  I stopped and thought…”hey I have time to do this!  How cool is that?!”

Here’s to finding the balance between home and what has NEVER been work to me!!

Today’s Gatha:

Work is empty without a personal life, and a personal life is lacking without fulfilling work.  They sometimes pull me in opposite directions, but each supports the other.  Mindfulness, moderation, and patience help me balance these complementary aspects of life.





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