open to new opportunities….

the old saying “whenever one door closes another one opens” hard for me to hear when someone says it to me and honestly I REALLY don’t like it. 

I am learning that staying open to opportunity is very important.  I have shared recently about being busy and how good that felt.  I still believe that and it did. BUT things are temporarily slowing down for me and I am learning to adjust.  Learning to go back to a time when I didn’t have to be busy 24/7…embracing the time that I have to myself.  I have some things in the plan for later in the month and now that I have time to think about new opportunities I am very excited. 

Today I chose to have some time at home, I chose not to head to the pool in almost 100 degree heat.  I have plans with friends later this evening and I am choosing to use my energy inside at home so I can really enjoy myself tonight!!  Always remembering to listen to my body and remember to use my energy as it best benefits me. 

I used the word “chose” several times in that last paragraph.  Try and remember that most of the time how you conserve your energy is your choice and the more we take care of ourselves the more those that love us benefit!! You don’t even need to say why you are taking a break, most people would love to have the confidence to say “I need a break and I am taking one just for me.”  Try it and see how it feels!

Today’s Gatha:

I choose not to waste time on desires and their emptiness.  I vow to overcome desire and when I do this, I experience and increase in energy and understanding–and therefore time.




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