embracing quiet time…..

Today the plan was to spend some time at the pool with a few yoga books planning the weeks classes. So far this morning it’s a bit cloudy. My husband has headed to the golf course and that’s OK!! I am getting my usual weekend stuff done and keeping an eye out for the sun.

I have been rather tired lately. I think a result of a quick trip to North Carolina for a funeral. Wouldn’t have been anywhere else but it just takes me more time to bounce back. My teaching schedule has slowed down this summer too and this is allowing me to take some time to rest. Have I done that? I don’t know. I DO know that as of today I am feeling better. Some folks that know me may not understand this but I am really an introverted person so quiet alone time is a good thing! Sometimes I feel like I have to fill my time with busyness. Today I will only be as busy as I want to be and take some time for ME!!

Sometimes it’s hard to say…I need this time and I’ll take this time for me!! Is it selfish? Not at all. Self care is how we keep ourselves available for others. What have you done lately to take care of yourself?

Today’s Gatha:
To practice centering the mind is to build a home for yourself. I unify my mind so it is free, stable, unbound, centered. I let go and reside at the center of the circle, in the midst of everything.



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