sillyness and smiles….

we have just spend a few says at the beach with a good friend.  it wasn’t until I heard her quietly whisper “bye” this morning that I understood how much she means to me.  she is headed back to work and we will stay for a few more days.  I was awake and heard her moving around.  I wanted to give her a few quiet moments to say good bye to the beach so I didn’t let her know that I was awake.

we spent alot of time on the deck looking at and listening to the ocean.  in the mornings drinking coffee and in the evenings drinking other things!!  the days were spent sitting on the beach talking or just being quiet. 

the silliness came on the last night when we (2 women of a certain age) chased ghost crabs on the beach.  how much fun it is to just be goofy!  I caught a few and held them..finally talked her into holding one and she in turn did the same to a slightly hesitant little girl on the beach.  how wonderful is it to have the same fun after 50 that you did at 5!!?

we shopped..ate lots of  good food and just hung out.  we couldn’t be more different or more alike.  she is such good support for me.  quietly reminding me to watch out for a curb or just asking as I walk a bit slower behind…”are you ok?” never mentioning m.s. or how I may be just a little different.

those of you that know me know who I am talking about and you know what a wonderful lady she is.  we don’t tell folks enough how much they mean to us and this is my rather public way of doing that. 

take time to be silly, take time to be a good friend.  it means a lot to the people around you. 




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