lessons i learned on vacation….

and can I continue?  while on vacation I went to bed at the same time I usually do but go up much earlier. I knew the ocean was waiting to say good morning.  I would take a cup of coffee and sit outside and listen. (ok..I had my phone too..there was some internet access.  😦  I’ll work on that part. 

as this continued to be my schedule over the 10 days, I noticed that I was going to sleep easier and with no ‘outside’ assistance.  we got home yesterday and last night and I did the same thing.  I woke up this morning at my beach time but when I checked outside…no ocean. I will have to adapt my routine there and see if I can find an equally gentle way to start my day at home. 

I have NEVER been a morning person so this is a big change. I want to keep it up at home and see how I feel.  while on vacation I felt great but I always do near the salt water and sand.  I did get a bit tired and my legs let me know it..even with a first floor condo there are lots of stairs to climb.  I took a couple of yoga classes and always felt better after those.  I hope I can add some more personal practice into my schedule now.

as Monday begins and I return to following a schedule we’ll see how things go.  I won’t feel disappointed if I can’t continue with this schedule. What I DO want to do is give it a good honest try.  In recent years I have said I need to sleep later to get all the rest that I need.  We’ll see, hopefully even without mother ocean to greet me every morning I can greet the day earlier and with more enthusiasm!! 

Those of you that know me….don’t worry…there is NO chance of my becoming one of those perky morning people, I just want to try to have a more gentle and gradual start to my day.

Today’s Gatha:

I meditate before I get out of bed by being grateful for the opportunity to experience another day.  I thank the universe or the night of safety that passed and for having a warm, dry place to sleep.  Taking three conscious breaths, I focus on the breath entering and leaving my body. 







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